Buckle up, grab some tissues, and prepare yourself for an amazing heart-felt journey.

When a 16-year-old Southern Baptist girl from Fayetteville, Georgia came up pregnant in 1958, the parents tried desperately to figure out a way to save their families reputation and their soiled daughter’s honor. Threats of violence were levied against the alleged father as anger ran rampant through the family. Was it rape, or consensual? What was to be done with the unborn child? Would it be hidden, aborted or given up for adoption? Was her mistake an isolated inciden or a patter of whorish behavior? Only Marilyn knows the answers, and she’s not telling…

Based on True Life Events

It has taken much courage for me to allow millions of people inside my secret place, a place where I very seldom ventured and tried to avoid over the past forty years. But knowing that my life experiences can help so many other people is the main reason why I decided to share these stories.
You are about to embark on a journey into some dark areas that may be hard to believe for some while possibly being offensive to others. Either way you are about to experience a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Buckle up, grab some tissues and get ready for an amazing heart-felt journey.

Tony StCyr author of Child of Lust


Tony StCyr has been writing since he was 16 years old. He has been a BMI published song writer for more than 30 years having some of his songs recorded by select groups.

During his long career in broadcasting, he won numerous writing awards for radio and television commercials. He penned a Christmas play for his church that was later turned into a film and he has written many moving pieces of poetry. He started writing a few books in his career, but Child of Lust is the first book he has completed. He believes it is his best work to date.




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What Critics Are Saying About Child of Lust

“… lessons blend seamlessly into the narrative like hidden gems…”

“This will not be the book that goes unread .”

“The author has succeeded in successfully placing the reader in the story to experience all the sights and emotions with the characters.”

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